Please read below our admission policy before applying for admission.

1.Paying of the fees must be made at the beginning of each semester and any delay is not acceptable.

2. Paid fees are neither refundable nor transferable in any case such as, sickness, absence, withdraw, and shall not be transferred to a new semester.

3. In case the parents wish to withdrew their child they should send an official letter to the nursery director one month prior to the withdrawal process to keep right in refunding the remaining amount of the fees except for the registration and medical fees.

4. If the fees are not paid within the first week of the semester, it will be cancelled and the child loses his/her seat at the nursery.

5. Every registered child has to wear the nursery‛s uniform.

6. In case the child stops attending without informing the nursery, his/her parents must pay any remaining fees.

7. Parents are to provide their children with their meals and shouldn‛t contain the following (lollipops, chewing gum, soft drinks, sweets)

8. The nursery has the right to terminate the child registration in case he/she is not meeting the behavior requirements, and the nursery shall return the remaining amount of the fees without the medical and registration fees.

9. If the child will not attend for any reason, the nursery has to be informed one day in advance, especially children who are registered with the nursery bus.

10. The name of another person who might pick up the child if the parents are busy must presented to the nursery in writing.

11. Any delay in picking up the child during the day will mean paying extra fees.

12. Providing the child with 2 extra clothing. Extra clothes have to be in the child‛s bag with his name on it.

13. Parents who register their children with the nursery bus need to be ready when picking up the child in the morning.

14. Children are not allowed to bring their personal toys to the nursery to avoid any kind of clash between the children and the nursery is not responsible for any loss.

15. Children are not allowed to wear any kind of jewelry to the nursery. And in case the child loses his/her jewelry, the nursery will not be responsible and no compensation will be made, and the nursery staff are not responsible for any harm as result of the jewelry.

16. The nursery holds no responsibility in case the child is injured in the following cases:

• Before the child is handed to the nursery and after the child is picked up by the parents.

• Before the child rides the bus and after getting off.

18. In case someone else is picking up the child from the nursery, the nursery has to be notified in advance and if not, the child will not be handed to that person.

19. All telephone calls are recorded addition to the activates via surveillance cameras and the nursery reserves the right to legal accountability for any abuses deliberately verbal abuse of prestigious figures in the state administrative or education system in the nursery.

20. Child Registration will be canceled in case the parents are not complying with the nursery rules and regulations that mention in the contract.

1. Completed & signed Application Admission form

2. Photocopy of child‛s passport & valid residence visa

3. Photocopy of parents passport & valid residence visa

4. Photocopy of birth certificate

5. ( 4 ) passport size photographs

6. Copy of immunization records

7. Registration fee

8. Uniform fee / Bus fee ( if applicable )

9. Term fees

Please complete the form below or click here to download the form and hand in at reception along with the documents.


  • It is preferred that children stay at home when infected with one of the following: (Fever, tonsillitis, vomiting, diarrhea, eye infection, allergy)
  • If the child is taking any medicine, the nursery has to be informed about how and when the medicine should be given.
  • In case the child gets sick, is the nursery nurse allowed to give the child any of the following medication? Adol, Barastomole, Calbol.
  • I admit that my child is in good health and doesn‛t have any kind of hereditary disease or chronic disease such as (epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, tuberculosis, autism) and in case any of the mentioned diseases are discovered, I bear responsible to withdraw my child at once from Kids Land nursery and will not ask the nursery for any kind of compensation
  • Firs aid will be given to your child in nursery in the event of an accident. The child will be assessed by the nursery nurse and you will be contacted immediately if the event is serious
  • If we cannot contact you, the necessary medical assistance will sought to ensure the wellbeing of your child
  • Ideally, unessential should not be brought in to nursery. If your child does require regular medication during the day, you must complete & sign an Authorization form before it can be given by the nursery nurse
  • Any medicines must be handed directly to the nurse & not put in child's bag.
I have read and agreed with all the terms and conditions of kidsland Nursery


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