(EYFS) Curriculum Framework

The (EYFS) educational framework of the Early Childhood Curriculum was designed to help kids land nursery teachers to provide opportunities for children from infant age to the age of five years to maximize their potential and broaden their intellectual awareness, which is the foundation of future success and excellence, and to ensure that children have the highest quality in learning according to local and international standards. Our curriculum focuses on the importance of developing and enhancing learning environments through play across seven areas of our curriculum, the seven international learning areas. Where the curriculum is 80% free play and 20% play directed and depends on the advanced planning of programs that aim to cover these areas through (observation, monitoring, guidance, supervision, performance, and evaluation) to reach the highest levels.

The EYFS framework directs the work of all staff in the nursery through four integrated guidelines that provide a context for learning requirements within the framework and describes how teachers provide support for the development and care of children and their care.


The EYFS framework is based on four principles

Enabling environment

Give value to staff who working in kids land nursery, and give importance to education, in addition to providing resources and tools from all cultures and communities of children to provide golden opportunities through play that support children to discover. To build community partnerships and to keep parents informed about what is being taught to children.

Positive relationships

By providing warmth and love, developing a sense of belonging, feeling the needs of the child and responding to his feelings and interests, in a stimulating environment.

Each child is a unique

Each child is a unique child. He continues to learn and develops independence, confidence and be resilient. The teachers' roles are to understand and observe the child's growth and development through assessment, planning, supporting cultural identity, protecting the safety and appreciate children, Equally.

Learning and Development

Children grow and learn in different and creative methods for all children in their various additional educational needs. The teacher educates children by planning activities and providing learning opportunities for discovery, learning, creativity and problem solving.

Areas of learning and development

"Our staffs in our nursery are important in raising the child and it have a huge positive impact. By choosing the team that have, a lot of experience with encouragement and support of the whole team have access to ongoing internal and external training to ensure they are constantly updating their knowledge of the best childcare practices."
Health and physical development
Children like to be active, but they also need to understand that continuous motor activity and healthy food choices are important, including Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, control, health and safety.
Mathematics and scientific thinking
Literacy development
Emotional and Social growth
Language growth and communication
Understanding the world
Art and creativity


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