A Warm Welcome to the Kids Land Nursery, where learning is fun!

Thank you for your confidence in our nursery and the working staff. We are committed to providing the highest levels of education, care, and attention to your children, and we strive to keep up with and maintain the highest global standards. As our nursery is the first one for early education in Al Ain city which provide the necessary need for the childhood stages and life skills, our qualified and hard-working team always work on education and development of skills at an early age through playing an amusing environment to build a friendly relationship with the children.

The nursery administration sets daily and weekly plans that enhance the seasonal nursery plan and maintain a healthy, safe, and enjoyable learning environment. Sincerely,

Ms. Faiha Younis Al Zou'bi


Baby class

Baby class

Infants (Birth to 11 months)

Your baby's day is organized to fit in with their needs and you are routine. We have daily routine program, which is including Welcome Parents and Children, Child-lead activities (Planned activity), snack time, sleeping\rest time, indoor & outdoor activities, reading time, and prepare for home time Babies have their own outdoor area with access to a separate sensory activity area to aid their development and understanding of the world. Once your baby becomes more mobile, they will also have access to our soft play area and baby gym. We employ a high ratio of 1 staff to 3 babies, keeping in line with UK Offset guidelines. All staff caring for babies are specifically selected and trained to care for this age group. Our trained HAAD qualified Nurse is also based inside the classes.
Nursery Class

Nursery Class

Discoveries (24-30 months)

Each child is encouraged to develop their own pattern of eating, playing, socializing, and toilet training (using purpose-designed child-sized toilets, cubicles, and hand basins). By developing their own routine in a safe and structured environment, the child develops confidence, understanding, and ability. When they start pre-school, they do so as confident learners. Teachers are prepare Planned activity including Art / Math / Science , Language and literacy, Music and movement. Child chooses activities, explores the environment, and plays with resources set out by teacher.Encourage children to play together, make-believe, rigorous physical play. encourage children to serve their own snack, establish a simple routine for before and after they eat, regular discussions about healthy eating, culture, diversity, etc.
Toddlers Class

Toddlers Class

Toddlers (11-23 months)

In the toddler class, the children are beginning to settle into a routine. They are learning to sit at a table and follow simple instructions from the Teacher. Many sensory and play-based activities are happening throughout the day, which gives children the opportunity to experiment with new materials such as paint and glue. Also explores the environment, plays with resources set out by teacher.
Teacher plans an experience for the group and leads the activity with a small or large group of children following the monthly/weekly themes. Holistic learning development, EYFS learning areas.
FS1 Class

FS1 Class

Pre-school/FS1 (30-50 months) and (40-60 months)

Children moving from Nursery to Pre-school have the advantage of remaining in familiar surroundings with staff that will already be well known to them. All pre-school activities are carefully planned around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, intended to prepare children for when they move on to school (FS2). The Early Learning Goals of the EYFS are delivered through the following seven key areas of learning. Annual, monthly, and weekly plans are overview to help the teacher plan out ideas and learning intentions over a period of 12 months. They consist of 12 different subject areas that are of interesting to children for holistic learning experiences for all seven areas of learning. We believe learning through playing (Dramatic Play, Sand Play, Water Play, Dough and Clay Play, Table Top Play, Small World Play, Construction Play, and Creative Play).


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