One of the hardest choices a mother faces is choosing a nursery for her child. Kids Land Nursery made that decision an easy one for me. The moment I entered the building I was greeted by a smiling receptionist which was very helpful. I could see happy children enjoying their time through fun-based learning. Meeting the principal made me feel that I am at the right place. Seeing the amazing outdoor learning areas and how they work on developing a child’s fine and gross motor skills was another reason for choosing Kids Land to be the place I want my child to go to and make good memories and unforgettable experiences. I could tell that my precious son would be well taken care of and that his skills would develop in a safe and caring environment. I thank the principal, Ms Faiha, and her wonderful team for making this first experience a wonderful memory for my family. I see my son growing and developing everyday and I see how happy he is. I am definitely one happy mom. Thank you Kids Land.

Ms Nadia
School Principal
Alain American School


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